STASH OF COLOUR Fabric Subscription - 6 x 1/2 Mtr

The Fabric Tree


Each month we will put together a lovely stack of 6 quilters homespun 1/2 mtr pieces, plus a matching Gutermann 100mtr thread. Package will follow the colour schedule below. These are quilt quality cotton homespun in solid colours.



January- Pink

February- Purple

March- Orange/Yellow

April- Light Asstd Tones

May- Blue

June- Cream

July- Brown

August- Dark Asstd Tones

September- Black/Grey

October- Red/Burgundy

November- Green

December- Rainbow


Stash of Colour subscriptions will be posted on 15th of each month. After your initial purchase, subsequent invoices will be sent during the first week of the following month and thereafter and payment must be received no later than 12pm AEST on 14th to ensure delivery of that months subscription is processed. If at anytime you wish to suspend or stop receiving invoices for the following months, please send us an email.

Any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.